Being Evil Corporate Logo


Evil Inc. or Environmental Ventures & Ideas Limitless Incorporated, is the world leader in technologies for environmental cleanup, disposal, and renewable energies. When an oil spill occurs, and a government doesn’t contract to Evil Inc., unknowingly they are most likely STILL hiring a subsidiary of Evil Inc. That’s the only way the standards set forth by Eugene White, president, visionary, and CEO of Evil Inc., are sure to be met.

In the early 90’s, Evil Inc. broke into biotech and communications, patenting many ground-floor elements for everyday communications, internet, energy and technology. Basically, every human interacts with Evil Inc. technology daily. Today, Evil Inc.’s direct employee base ranges in the hundreds of thousands; from aid workers, engineers, and programmers to doctors and scientists. In addition, there are millions of indirect workers from basic sales to private security. Evil Inc. has grown from the smallest middle school science project to the most dominant and influential corporation on the planet… ever. It’s as if Google, Apple, and Greenpeace were combined into a single company that gives Eugene the resources and influence to take on the global political and economic powers of Earth in the highest stakes of Winner Takes All.