We’re Building an Animatic!

old-story-boards-combined-with-new-story-boards-for-Animatic-Blog-Image-1-scaledSo we are building an animatic for our show. An animatic is basically like a trailer but semi-unfinished, at least in our instance. But it IS an example of our art style, humor, writing style, and a sample of all the voice talent we’ve secured. The significant difference between an animatic and a movie or tv trailer is a trailer has multiple scenes, shows the setting, plot points, and a general glimpse of the whole story. Our animatic is just one scene, or more like a sample scene from the show, featuring all the main cast (Mark Meer, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates, and Sean Dobes). The entire thing will probably run about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes, but from my perspective, if you’re laughing and engaged, the length doesn’t matter. And with the amount of stuff we’ve gotten from our voice actors, it’s going to be AMAZING!