Producer’s Intent, by Cayman Eby




I signed on because Ryan’s funny as hell and I believe he’s making a great show, with a great cause, for a great reason. It’s going to be a bit silly and fun, a fantastic sci fi comedy that hopefully makes people want to laugh and then ponder and then talk to each other (about saving the planet). But believe, layered in like a nice Shrek cake, I’m absolutely here to start a revolution and drain the swamp. You catch the name of the show and what it’s about? Remember recently, when our friendly childhood icon, Bill Nye The Science Guy, made a video to cuss you out and literally set the world on fire trying desperately to get your attention? That’s where we are… Bill’s pissed, we’re pissed, Eugene’s pissed… 

So, yeah, we are absolutely getting into politics because leadership, government, parties, representation, taxation, money, money, money… These are the things driving people so crazy they can’t even talk to each other while our world is in peril. So sit down, kids. We are going to share a story of “what could be” and have a dialogue.

It’s said that the higher your intelligence, the more painful it is to go through life. I’m wagering that any adult, of any intelligence, who’s paying attention to the state of our greater American society has grown cynical, embattled, and has developed a fine sense of battlefield humor. Part of this show is for those people, because they need a laugh, and we need them to vote for the planet over party and politics be damned. Remember, the power is yours.

So we are gonna have a maniacal laugh at everyone and take a shot at squashing some of the foolish issues that divide us, like only an evil billionaire genius [who wants to unite and save the planet] could. It’s a story of revolution, of a villain for the people, needed by the people, but who maybe doesn’t quite get “people.” We will inspire revolutionary and renaissance thinking. Welcome to The Takeover Party.