Artist Statement from the Creator, Ryan Shelor

Everyone knows we are supposed to watch the latest Leonardo DiCaprio environmental documentary, but how many do? Everyone KNOWS, oil spills are terrible for the environment. EVERYONE KNOWS, cars, trucks, planes, boats, all release CO2. We have smog reports everyday. We are so beat down with facts of how we are fucking the planet, and it’s so much information, it’s hard to digest and remember. However, you DO remember your favorite Chris Rock or Dave Chappell joke. Why? Because you had an emotional response – you laughed, it entertained you – so it stuck with you. Being Evil was created to mix science facts (and plausible facts) with fiction in an entertaining way to plant the seed of what could be done. Not to beat people over the head with it, but to create something people will willingly ingest.

What I see today is not necessarily governments failing but rather governments being controlled by organizations that make their profit ravaging the planet. Though renewable energies are becoming cheaper everyday and showing financial paths to the future, many corporations aren’t willing to pay the transitional fees. The old lions at the top are unwilling to change and belong in a zoo where they belong and can’t hurt anyone but themselves. But we live in a world where money literally IS power and the billionaires have it all. It doesn’t matter what facts come out. A few percentage points matter more than the longevity of the company or even their own family. 

Now I know someone will say, why not get into politics or hilariously “start a revolution,” well, knowing myself, I’m sure I’d say something idiotic that would make the trip short, but I do know how to write. And a team of awesome people believe and share in my passion. So if we can do our part, if we can entertain you, AND educate you, maybe we can start a shift. Maybe that would be a start…