Episode 101
Prometheus vs. Murphy

# 101

The story so far...

When uber environmentalist and business tycoon Eugene White, discovers that stolen EVIL Inc technology is being used for arctic oil drilling, he gathers Team Evil, his indestructible clone, Mickie, and his right-hand woman, Lillian Phoenix, and forcefully takes it back. This spawns the ire of American Big Oil, so naturally, the US Military Industrial Complex gets involved.

Grizzled war hawk, General Keith Neeson, decides to have Eugene assassinated with more stolen EVIL technology, a nanite swarm, and outsources the job to China. Using a beached whale to lure Eugene into the open, Chinese/Canadian super-assassin, Jiao Feng, uses the nanites to create a giant hippy and bigot zombie army as Global News Network’s Celeste Rogers reports live. Eugene, Mickie, and Lillian battle the horde, nearly prevailing until the nanites manage to take over the invincible Mickie.

Team EVIL escapes by the skin of their teeth, but Feng still manages to steal Eugene’s new energy shield. With his technology stolen AGAIN, Eugene chases down and confronts Neeson, but in the end realizes that the true threat is the shadowy puppet master pulling the general’s strings, a member of the ATLAS Group...