Eugene doesn’t have much desire for, or experience in, relating to the average human; just ask Celeste. Keep in mind that the people closest to Eugene are the teenage minded, indestructible clone of himself that he is raising to lead his “security forces” and the female POC and former assassin that helps him co-parent the clone and the company… but they are his family now, and what else do ya need to take on the world?

“Mass layoffs are coming everyone, and don’t think just because you have a cushy spot behind the curtain means you’re exempt! Oh, believe me, I can see you, I’m aiming right at you! Your system is broken, corrupt, and your solutions are just bandaids on top of bandaids creating a gooey bandaid monster! I, Eugene White, am commencing the world’s greatest campaign of global regime change, and don’t care who I offend, or kill… If you have been railroading your fellow human by raping the planet, your days are numbered. Our planet and our species need a champion, and I accepted the call.”